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A Leadership Podcast

Chris Stark Producer of Hacking Your Leadersip Podcast


Chris Stark

Stark Engagement Consulting believes almost every organization can be one that attracts, engages and retains millennial talent. Through processes of rediscovering their reason for existing, then being able to articulate that reason in a compelling way while cultivating meaningful relationships among employees, company leaders will help people feel more connected to the mission, become more productive, learn and grow exponentially and, ultimately, stay longer. 


Chris has more than a decade of experience working with Fortune 500 companies on improving engagement and lowering turnover. He now runs a successful consulting business helping organizations across The United States and Canada in their transitions to workforces comprised primarily of millennials. Chris lives in Los Angeles with his wife and three children.

Chris Stark
Lorenzo Flores


Lorenzo Flores, a twenty year veteran in retail leadership, has rejuvenated, inspired, and rebuilt over a dozen teams throughout his career. With a passion for music, MMA, and podcasting (check out Life of Lozo and Hacking Your Leadership!), he understands the importance of connecting personal vision to the workplace. 

Flores’s insights, experiences, and philosophies on leadership excellence are the fuel to ignite every leader’s optimum potential. His passion for  leadership led him to write his first book.

Vision, Clarity, Support: A Leadership Crash Course on the 3 Pillars of Success meets all leaders where they stand today and propels them to the next level using the skills and resources that are already within their grasp. Lorenzo lives in Winter Garden, Florida with his wife and two daughters.

Lorenzo Flores Shirt.JPG
Lorenzo Flores
Man with Headphones
Why listen to our Podcast?


No role plays; just real.


Chris & Lorenzo share four decades of combined experience to help you become a more effective leader.


Keeping employees engaged and doing their best work today requires a leadership language focused on soft skills like empathy, emotional intelligence, and a desire to make personal connections.


Many leaders want to succeed in this brave new world but employees continue to report poor engagement and they continue to leave companies about every three years.


Listen and become a leader who people never want to leave.


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